ZAIB Contracting Co was established in 2016 in Lahore-Pakistan to build & maintain small warehouses; driven by leaders with bold vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the company has evolved from being specialized in turnkey solutions of building factories & warehouses, into a diverse engineering, construction, technology, fabrication and industrial services organization.

Our commitment which is not limited to promptly delivering the design & built up to the premier quality standards obtainable in the industry to the end users, but also thrives to move beyond compliance with the client’s requirements including the laws & regulations, approaching ethics issues proactively; made our brand name one of the trusted contracting companies in the Pakistan.

To us, no project is too challenging or unique, too big or small. Our objective for every project is identical: build it safely, on time, on budget and with no bolt from the blue.

Our Mission is focusing on safely delivering cost-effective, technically advanced services, facilities and equipment that exceeds or meets our clients’ expectations.

Our Vision is to become the world’s preferred provider for engineering, construction, project management & technology; building ideas into reality.

Our core values are fundamental, rigid & tangible:

Integrity            : the courage to maintain the right from the wrong without compromise.

Reliability         : the ability to deliver on what we promise, without exception.

Accountability : the strength to be responsible for our own actions and decisions.