A Factory is a huge industrial building used to manufacture certain goods. Factories are complex facilities containing equipment process lines, heavy machinery, assembly & production lines.

We were deeply involved in the construction of several factories throughout the years; from concrete precast factories, medical facilities, material process line to vessel production lines our expertise extends.

We are confident that our services in this field are difficultly matched.

A warehouse is commercial building used for storing goods. Warehousing facilities cater for the fabricated, imported and stored goods.

We have proudly served many Logistic companies, wholesalers, transport and manufacturing companies in this domain.

Our bespoke engineering process starts from the handmade sketches used at preliminary stages of the project, to modeling, analysis and detailing. Such engineering methodology ensures the workability of every design as we visualize it being constructed on site. Our professional engineers use state of the art engineering programs and practices to ensure that best result. Value engineering and value analysis are some of the tools used to improve the effectiveness of the work to reduce the number of man hours & equipment hours, and cut unnecessary costs that bestow us our competitive edge. We thrive to make a difference and educate the market about workable engineering solutions.

Construction is a process that consists of the building of a structure. Civil construction is one of the fields that we specialize at.

Some of our projects compass: mats, suspended slabs, sheet piles and dry docks.

Building construction such as low-rise buildings, residential compounds and commercial units are also some of the areas that we excel at.

Our supply chain management system and our multinational team of engineers support the reliability, integrity and safety of our activities and ensure to enrich our operations with creative technical solutions.  We implement the latest technologies in design through software analysis & implementation of the applied aspects of sciences to perfect processes such as formwork design and lifting plans.

We ensure that the performance requirements and quality are achieved in conformance with the latest standards while not forgetting the commercial part, time aspect and the environmental impact.

With the pace of an exhilaratingly growing market, the demand for Fast-Track projects is inevitable; accordingly, the success of any steel construction project depends mainly on the precision, quality and erection workability of the fabrication. Pre-fabricated steel elements play an important role in the successful execution of our projects. To achieve our commitment to our clients we have ensured to implement our fabrication & quality control expertise and venture with the leading fabricators in the industry. Our processes engraved our names in the market

Our services such as process design, operational layouts, materials and systems selections, added to our construction experience made it a better, stronger, more competitive and profitable solution to our clients and business partners.

Trading and Distribution arm operates under ZAIB Contracting as the division markets and distributes electrical LED lights and engineering products in Pakistan.


You come to us with a preliminary idea and we make sure we will build it for you.