ZAIB Contracting is committed to providing all of its clients with the highest standards of service, professional approach to business and end-product; whether it is a storage shed, a warehouse, a logistic facility, an industrial unit, an aviation hangar or a ship fabrication hangar, ZAIB Contracting’s goal is to exceed its client’s expectations through delivering distinctive quality.

To achieve and accomplish our goals, we strive in making every effort possible to implement all our quality considerations, from processes, aspects and procedures in our engineering design, construction methodology and execution. ZAIB Contracting works endlessly to ensure and guarantee client’s satisfaction through:

  • Customized, flexible, reliable and accurate operations based on a customer-oriented approach to business.
  • Continuous improvement and implementation of the latest quality standards.
  • Proper cost-effective utilization of experiences, latest technologies, state of the art equipment and strategic supply chain management system.
  • Measuring output and not input through traceability and accountability.
  • Empowering the employees to act, think, innovate, change and progress; Building the ownership culture among all employees.
  • Creating a business model where the culture drives all employees, sub-contractors and shareholders to excel in promoting and providing unmatched services to benefit the project and achieve excellence.
  • Understanding that quality is a non-ending process of progression, development and improvement.
  • Continuous review and enhancement of the quality system to the latest international standards and best practices.

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Good Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards and practice go hand in hand with excellent business results. High standards in HSE are essential to ensure that ZAIB Contracting employees, clients, stakeholders, and all personnel affected by our work, are adequately protected; in addition to that good HSE practices contribute to business performance by protecting and developing human and physical resources.

ZAIB Contracting management’s vision is to create and sustain a level of HSE performance which is consistent with our brand values and standing as a promising uprising contracting company.

Through the continuous improvement of HSE management systems and the tools and techniques we use, we will manage our HSE risks to the lowest levels reasonably practicable.


It is ZAIB Contracting aim to carry out business in a way which is sustainable & responsible with regard to the environment, the health & safety of our employees and all others who may be affected by our operations.

ZAIB Contracting’s HSE policy sets out our vision, aim, commitment and operating principles with respect to HSE as follows:

  • Give significant attention and regard to the effects of all operations on the environment and community to create a sustainable business.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees, sub-contractors and visitors.
  • Provide for the participation of employees in securing good HSE performance.
  • Seek to improve HSE performance through continuous evaluation and development of measures to control risk, conserve resources and minimize waste.
  • Recognize, promote and reinforce the responsibility of employees, sub-contractors, visitors and all stakeholders to work safely and follow procedures.

Operating Principles

To meet our commitment, ZAIB Contracting shall be responsible to:

  • Identify responsibilities and duties for compliance with HSE standards at each level throughout the organization
  • Allocate appropriate qualified resources and establish & support HSE standards.
  • Provide sufficient training, seminars and participation of all employees in securing outstanding HSE performance.
  • Seek to eliminate and /or reduce risks from initial design stages of any construction activity.
  • Develop and implement distinctive programs that identify and minimize potential risks to the environment, the safety and health of our employees and all stakeholders affected by our operations.
  • Provide employees with the needed measures from equipment, information, instructions, training and supervision to minimize risks to themselves and all stakeholders.
  • Develop appropriate contingency plans to minimize the risk to the environment, employees, the public and our Business in the unfortunate event of a major incident.
  • Operate within the guidelines and regulations of the country and HSE program.



HSE Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure highest commitment, development and improvement.


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